Vindousis Gadayeneba Gamozaxebit

In the 21st century, our lives and daily activities are unimaginable without computers.

Therefore, technical glitches and a malfunctioning computer can disrupt the normal rhythm of life.

At such times it is very important who we turn to and which company we support.

The advantage of course is a company that has an experienced and professional team.

Our staff will identify the cause of the problem in a short time and offer you various ways to solve the problem.

If necessary, our representative will restart (install) the operating system. We can offer windows 7 (rus / eng) windows 8 (rus / eng) windows 10 (rus / eng) windows 11 (rus / eng) installation by calling. With the uninstallation of Windows, the C drive will be cleaned of viruses in parallel.

Vinvous is removed in a short time by calling the address you want.

Therefore, if you need qualified advice and installation of the operating system (installation) in the office or at home, contact us on the computer or laptop (number) and our technician will come to the place as soon as possible. The computer data will be evaluated and the appropriate version of Windows will be installed accordingly.

The service package includes windows 7 / windows 8 / windows 10 / windows 11 in English or Russian, driver installation, microsoft office, skype, google chrome, opera, mozilla firefox, daemond tools, adobe reader, flash player, ultra iso, gom player, Georgian fonts, codecs, video players, antivirus, etc.

It is possible to install additional graphic, architectural, accounting, design, video and sound editing programs with us.

Contact us 555 44-66-68 And get fast and qualified service, virus-free computer.

Our services

Windows Reinstalling
Computer repair
Wi-Fi Configuration
Laptop repair
Clean up viruses
Cleaning from dust
Install programs / games
Connecting devices